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  1. Are you talking about the RV-12 or maybe the Evektor Sportstar? There are a few and I know exactly what you are thinking.
  2. Exactly, who cares how long it takes, you're flying the journey, right? I sort of agree with you on the last comment, I don't like the look of the nose of the Bristell, the SportCruiser is way sexier. Milan was on the right path and they say imitation is the best form of flattery. (he got close enough)
  3. Welcome Trc1969. I do hope you get to fly and if it's LSA then so be it. My SportCruiser fits my mission perfectly flying around Florida. Your mission sounds a little different than than mine so you'll have to determine if a LSA fits the mission. Flying from eastern Kentucky to Florida is certainly doable in a LSA....it'll just take a bit longer than if you were in a SR22.
  4. Thanks for the kind words Mike, just trying to pay it forward where I can. With SNF back on let me know if you decide to come down again for the show.
  5. I know Connie had a legacy SportCruiser and then traded that in a few years ago for a newer one. I can't remember what year she has now but it's newer. I don't know the other person with the PiperSport. Yup, the GDL-88 ADS-B out could easily be removed, leaving the wiring and then you could convert to E-LSA and then just plug it back in. Not a big deal. I've only seen pics of the plane and have a copy of the log books for review. As for the price, I would offer less than they are asking given the hours on the plane. Both DAR's I know are in the Central Florida area so that'll make t
  6. Hi Stan, I've been to your airport a few times and know a few residents there. Great grass stip, one of the nicest around. There was a SportCruiser based there, maybe she sold it. I'll reach out to her. I know the PiperSport you are looking at. I just went over it with another possible buyer. It has A LOT of hours on it so price in a new or overhauled engine in 3-5 years (depending on how much you fly). The plane is still an S-LSA and the ADS-B out is not legal as there was no LOA issued for it. It was installed by a local avionics shop who didn't know any better. Not a big deal but just
  7. Hi Stan and welcome. The PiperSport and SportCruiser (it's the exact same plane only badged differently) are wonderful planes to own and fly. My recommendation is to convert the plane you purchase to E-LSA right from the start. It'll save you many headaches in the long run. Support is basically non existent from the factory. Not that you really need it anyway. All manuals and documents can be found on their website. When Cruiser Aircraft was here in Florida they did a pretty good job getting parts but it took time if they didn't stock it. "Slow boat to China" mean anything? They have moved pa
  8. Glad to hear all is good John. Treat the NLG properly and it'll last a good long time. Give it a thorough inspection on a regular schedule. On your landings, hold the nose wheel off as long as possible and let it come down softly. Make sure the breakout torque is set properly and the air pressure is correct on the nose wheel. Both equally important. The reinforcement kit can't hurt, just be sure your mechanic doesn't tell you the engine has to come out to install it, it doesn't.
  9. If money were no object I'd own a Pilatus PC-12 which doesn't have NLG issues, but alas I'm just a poor ol' SportCruiser owner, but I'm not complaining. My plan of attack would be to first determine which leg is on the plane. Is it the original 2010 NLG? Any log entries of it ever being inspected or replaced? Once you determine which leg you have I'd perform a VERY THOROUGH inspection of the leg, spindle and fork looking for bends or cracks anywhere on the leg. This will require you to of course removed the wheel pant completely and also remove the wheel. Clean and degrease everything
  10. Congrats on the purchase John. I remember the feeling when I bought my SportCruiser which is also my first plane. The feeling I had flying my very own plane home was priceless. Enjoy !!
  11. Congrats on the purchase Louis, looks like Santa brought you a very nice present this year. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the plane. Great job on the negotiating and glad to hear the engine is in very good shape. A few new rubber parts is no big deal. Merry Christmas as well.
  12. When they moved the Sebastian operation to Utah, Bountiful bought all the inventory of NLG's to fix the numerous grounded planes they had. When CSA finally goes belly up I guess I'll go into the NLG business.
  13. Brutal? That's my version of "sugar coating" the truth, did I not do it right?
  14. Here's my take on model year breakdown for SportCruisers: 2006 to 2009 = legacy aircraft (still the best) 2010 to 2020 = new orphaned aircraft 2020 to 202? = soon to be put up for adoption after the next bankruptcy filing
  15. I personally would be curious as to why the prop was replaced, it was done a reason and I would want to know why. I'm sure there are some who might not care. Given there has been other damage to the plane as noted in the log entries I personally would want more info but that's just me. As for the price, it's worth what someone is willing to pay for the plane. I guess I shouldn't say if it's overpriced or not because my answer is only relevant to me. Would I pay $85K USD for this plane, no way. Main reason being the current NLG and the avionics and this is without knowing the full history
  16. Hi Louis and welcome to the forum. Good luck on your purchase. Here are a few things that jump out at me: It does still have the original nose gear and you would want to do a thorough inspection to the leg itself, the fork (which is a 2 leaf fork) and the spindle that the nose wheel rotates around. You are looking for cracks in the leg and fork and to see if the spindle is bent aft. It does only have 225 hours so it's quite possible it's still in good shape if there were no hard landings. The TruTrak avionics can be problematic. Check the logbooks for any service records. They were
  17. Hi Coryb, welcome to the forum and you picked a great plane to purchase. The legacy SportCruisers (pre 2010) are lighter and faster the the later ones. Here's my opinion and suggestions for you: (take them at face value, $0.00) 1 - There is only one acceptable and legal solution for ADS-B if the plane is a S-LSA, you are correct. The GTX-335 is only OUT and HALF the picture. In my opinion it's useless without some sort of ADS-B IN to actually "see" the traffic and weather around you. This is where the problems start. The only option would be a portable ADS-B in box linked wirelessly to yo
  18. Welcome Joe and good luck with your training. I bought my SportCruiser about half way through my training and finished up in my own plane. I was glad to do it this way, no need for any "transition training" after I got my SPL. As RTK stated, keep and eye on the usual suspects for aircraft sales. All 3 websites are a great source for used aircraft. Ask any question you have as someone here has the answer for you. Good luck in your search for a plane as well, they are awesome to own and fly.
  19. It may be the same plane and if so it's only flown 5 hours in a year. Not good at all for an aircraft engine. Even then the owner stated it was an E-LSA (if it's the same plane) and he's stating it again but the FAA registry still says it's a S-LSA. If I remember correctly it had major wing damage and had a wing replaced. I think it was an off airport landing if I remember correctly. A new wing is not a deal breaker for me but I think it is for many people. A thorough inspection of the plane and logbooks is certainly in order. I would even do some measuring of the plane to be sure it's st
  20. I forgot to answer in regards to IFR and night flight. Many legacy SportCruisers are equipped for night flight so that's the easy one. Make sure you read the operating limitations for the plane you are considering as it's all spelled out in that document. As for IFR equipped, anything's possible, it just depends on how thick your wallet is. Your talking an IFR/GPS WAAS navigator, dual radios, redundant everything, heated pitot tube etc. The bill will add up quickly. You'll need to convert to E-LSA also. There are a few owners who have converted to E-LSA and then IFR equipped their plane
  21. Hi Jose and welcome. RTK is correct, I'm not sure what you've heard about the legacy SportCruisers but they are great planes. Lighter and faster for sure. After 2010 they planes got much heavier and more complex under the cowling causing other issues. The basic airframe itself hasn't changed at all over the years, there are a few subtle differences to the trained eye but side by side they are all the same plane. The newer ones have the modern Dynon avionics but that's about the only difference. A few changes in the flight controls and some taller winglets and a taller panel are the only
  22. Hi Sue, welcome to the forum. This is the best place for everything SportCruiser.
  23. Thanks again for looking into this Dave. If/when it's "un-archived" I'll post in that topic otherwise I'll start another one with the same title. Let us know what happens please.
  24. Yes, welcome to the forum. Like RTK I also started my training in a Remos and bought my SportCruiser about a third or so way in to my training and took my checkride in my SportCruiser. It's a great plane and a joy to fly, I love my SportCruiser. 😍 As for purchasing one, there's a lot to learn on that subject. Are you looking to buy a legacy SportCruiser, pre 2010, or a newer one? They have different handling characteristics and the legacy planes are lighter and faster than the newer ones. Is BEW a concern for you? Please do your homework when looking at a used SportCruiser, S-LSA or E-LSA
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