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SCFLIER SportCruiser forum - Lots of good Information, and some Bad Information

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the SCFLIER SportCruiser forum is an awesome reference for all things SportCruiser, PIPERSPORT, PS-28, LSA, E-LSA, Maintenance, Flying Techniques, Rotax engine, ...

a GREAT way to share opinions, lessons learned, and improvement ideas for the SportCruiser family of Light Sport Airplanes !

but like any “Information found on the Internet”, a good dose of skepticism is warranted.  Especially if the information includes recommended modifications to your airplane.  

Most SCFLIER info is great !

and some SCFLIER info is not so great...

consider the source - the Internet....


and, since S-LSA factory made aircraft come with a unique set of USA FAA Regulations, requiring the aircraft Manufacturer Czech Sport Aircraft to authorize “any” changes with Tail Number Specific Letters Of Authorization, some Pilots/Owners chose to convert their S-LSA to an Experimental E-LSA, effectively trading S-LSA Limitations on “any” S-LSA aircraft changes to Experimental E-LSA Rewards (and Owner Assumed Risks...)


Enjoy the SCFLIER SportCruiser forum !

Every member is free to Participate so we can all LEARN !!!


Happy New Year 2020 !!!


(just another person posting Opinions on the Internet)










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Please excuse me if I missed something. We have some extremely intelligent members that converted to E-LSA and proceeded in a very responsible ways. Is E-LSA right for everyone? Certainly not! However E-LSA can be an excellent option for some owners who are very involved with their aircraft, are technically and mechanically inclined, and do diligent research from credible sources.


Fly smart, have fun and be safe!

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Some comments from your friendly Admin:

WHY did I start this post ?

1) many months ago, there was exciting information about potential new regulations for USA FAA Special Light Sport Aircraft - including possibly higher allowed empty weights, more seats than two, and generally more airplane types that Could potentially be legal to fly for a USA Sport Pilot.    Interesting !

2) last week, a “NEWS UPDATE” came out on the INTERNET discussing possible new USA LSA Regulations.  Problem is, when one really looked at the “Updates” in that link, there wasn’t any NEW INFORMATION being reported.  It takes a LONG TIME for the USA FAA to change regulations.   There are required Public Notices, Details Get Negotiated, AOPA and EAA May get involved, ..., the bottom line is  it takes YEARS for FAA Regulations to change.   The good news is that there may be more airplane types that can be flown by Sport Pilots - someday, sometime in the future.   The Bad news is nothing has been finalized yet.


Some definitions and comments :

1) OPINION - an idea, a “like”, a “dislike”, an individual SCFLIER Member’s “thought on XYZ”.   Posting one’s Opinions are GREAT ways to spark new SCFLIER Forum discussion.   But Opinions are of course linked to the person (or persons) sharing a particular  idea.  He/She is not “right” or “wrong”, they just have an OPINION on XYZ.  Lots of folks may agree, or lots may disagree with a particular Pilot’s Opinion.  That is Perfectly fine either way.  

My only “Requirement” for discussing OPINIONS on the SCFLIER Forum is that we all treat other folks’ individual opinions with RESPECT.   For Example, just because one Pilot loves “Low and Slow” Amphibious LSA’s like the Icon A5 and has $400k readily available to buy an Icon A5, and another person prefers faster fixed gear ASEL Aircraft that only cost $85k, doesn’t make one Pilot Right and the Other Wrong.  

FLAMING an SCFLIER because of their OPINIONs which may be  different than yours is NOT Acceptable.  

Every Pilot has their own background experiences, financial situation,  Ideas, Opinions, and “Missions” for their “ideal” aircraft.   Opinions are great ways to start useful discussion and learning about new ideas !   But there isn’t a RIGHT or WRONG  OPINION  out there.



2) FACT - a concept that can be backed up by data, testing, reliable multiple sources, USA FAA Documents & Regulations, or comparison measurements. For example,  It is a FACT that the FAA Granted the Icon A5 a weight increase for their S-LSA Amphibious aircraft.   It is also a FACT that our Rotax 912 ULS engine produces 100 horsepower and has a measurable, repeatable  torque/horsepower curve vs engine RPM.   Another FACT example is that current USA FAA LSA Regulations only allow a fixed pitch, ground adjustable propeller.  

Comment - “GOOGLING” your way to find FACTS on the INTERNET can be very tricky.   Sometimes one can find multiple, reliable sources that all say, for example, that the USA FAA S-LSA Weight Limit is 1320 lbs.    

But, like the picture(s) of “Albert Einstein” above, one was Googled and in fact had Sir Isaac Newton’s painting, and another had an actual photo of “Albert Einstein”.    And the “photos with quotes” of President Lincoln and President Washington commenting on the Internet were HUMOR.      And HUMOR can be VERY difficult to convey accurately on an Internet Forum.  Some folks use very DRY Humor.     Some folks use “Emojis” to provide Humor “Comments”, but some other folks (like me) find that all those little yellow Emoji gizmos look very much alike ... I much prefer Actual Face to Face discussions where one can actually see the smirk, smile, wink... on the other person’s face...


BOTTOM LINE - my OPINION - the SCFLIER SportCruiser forum is a great resource.   Lots of good, valid useful TRUE information.

But sometimes ... INTERNET links to “UPDATED NEW INFORMATION” can lead one astray without investigating the details included in the Internet link ....


it’s all GOOD !   We have a core group of SCFLIER Participants and we welcome MORE FOLKS to regularly Participate !    

The SCFLIER Forum is A great place to learn about the SportCruiser family of LSA Aircraft !


A final comment - when you post something on SCFLIER, consider the Audience - Over 400 total SCFLIER Members Worldwide.    

And, There are typically 5 or so NEW MEMBERS Every Month.   When new members  join SCFLIER, they face a bewildering MASS of INFORMATION.    Sometimes giving them a previous SCFLIER Discussion link inside your comments on XYZ Topic can help “New Members” get quickly up to speed on a topic that is “new to them, but Very familiar to the folks that have been here since 2015...”.   And please check to see if “your topic” already has a post to include “your new information” in  that EXISTING post.  The SEARCH ICON (magnifying glass) can be helpful here to keep our SCFLIER forum organized.  


...and while posting that Pilot X, Y, or Z  will be attending Airshow A, B, or C can be helpful to a few Members,  the SCFLIER Members in Brazil operating off a grass strip may not be able to meet up with y’all next week at the Snow Ski Equipped Aircraft Airshow in Upper Michigan.    There is an internal SCFLIER Messaging System - the little Mailbox symbol  at the top right that allows individual Members to send messages to each other.

And most SCFLIER Members may realize this, but there is ABSOLUTELY NO PRIVACY  on an Internet Forum....what you post and what you message on SCFLIER is “out there” on the internet FOREVER...and other SCFLIER Members and Non-Members that can “Hack” their way into the Forum can see your Posts, and the SCFLIER Admin Can See All Posts and Messages...

thanks for allowing your friendly Admin to share his Opinions...

Lets work together to IMPROVE Our AWESOME SCFLIER SportCruiser FORUM !




PS  Neither Albert Einstein nor Sir Issac Newton invented the light bulb.  Credit for the first practical, long lasting electric  light bulb invention usually goes to Thomas Edison...



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Here here, Dave!  Agreed that we have a fabulous forum of individuals, and we should respect each other's opinions.

And many thanks to all the knowledgeable people on this forum.  Without all of you, I'd be in a world of hurt looking for parts, maintenance, and information about the Sportcruiser that isn't consolidated or easily found elsewhere.

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