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ADMIN "FUN" Keeping your SCFLIER SportCruiser Forum Alive

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In the background,   your friendly SCFLIER ADMIN gets to update the website SW periodically.

Typically,  most Website Software updates are SECURITY Fixes.     

Some SW Updates fix bugs,   and some provide improved functionality.

In the last year,  we have had seven SCFLIER Website SW Upgrades.   An example is shown in the attached picture for your enjoyment.

SCFLIER Website SW Improvements are transparent to the individual SCFLIER Member.

Fun Fun for your friendly Admin



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As y’all may have noticed, the SCFLIER SportCruiser forum has a new “look” to it, with some changes. 

My comments:

  • I, as your Admin did not ask for this.  Some of the changes are Security Updates, and these are always good to activate.
  • Other changes affect functionality and are driven by Upgrades devised by the Website SW Engineers.   Some Upgrades are, indeed, “way cool”.
  • The Company that maintains our website operating software, all your posts, pictures, links to stuff, ... ,  is CONSTANTLY Updating the software that runs our (and many other’s) forum. 
  • Sometimes, new features work well, and provide useful new capabilities.
  • My process is ALWAYS to WAIT when a new SW Version comes out, at least one iteration or two, for the SW Engineers to find their bugs and fix them.   Then, after a wait period and a few iterations of “bug fixes”, I go through the Website SW update process which takes an hour or so. 
  • My goal is to keep the background details of website SW Iterations transparent to the individual SCFLIER Forum Members.  
  • There is a process for individual Admin / Forum Owners to request Upgrades, fixes to known bugs and to “repair” the degradations caused by new upgrades.  My experience has been that the waiting list of website SW change requests is literally THOUSANDS of individual Forum Admin’s complaints.  The point being that my requests to help SCFLIER Forum members are lumped in with thousands of other Forum’s Admin’s requests.  Do the math.  The folks doing the website SW are NOT SportCruiser Pilots.  
  • I will work hard to maintain functionality and usefulness of the SCFLIER Forum.   It is a challenge.  

Your Friendly Admin,


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