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I will check and get back with you



UPDATE at 20:01:07 Zulu,  7/15/2020

I updated everyone’s MAXIMUM Storage Limit to 100 Mb each.


EVERY SCFLIER Member should work to minimize their attachments total size by:

  • sizing pictures and attachments smaller, using tools available such as Irfanview or MS Window sizing tools such as “Image Resizer for Windows”
  • adding links to an attachment available elsewhere on the web rather than attaching the entire document or using high resolution image(s)
  • if you would like to include a picture already Uploaded to SCFLIER by yourself or another member, please use a LINK to the old picture rather than uploading the same picture again 
  • Being aware that SCFLIER is not “free” (...to the Admin).  Our monthly website $ fees increase for higher storage limits.   I have upgraded the Maximum Storage twice now. 
  • Editing your posts to remove LARGE Attachments, and then uploading new, smaller sized images of the same “photo” 


DeltaFox - let me know if the additional “room” has effectively responded to your limits encountered earlier.  You are the first to reach this limit, which is applied equally to all SCFLIER Members.

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1 hour ago, ronin5573 said:

My issue usually comes in that I use my iPhone more then a windows pc. 

There is a trick to resizing images for iPhone, and it's free.  Here's a link on how to do that:


I too ran into a limit, so I deleted my large images by going to each post I made that had an image.  That gave me some breathing room.

I then setup this shortcut to "Resize Image" as part of my shortcuts.  It puts the resized image into a folder on iCloud Drive (where I wanted to put it, you can pick where you put yours) and that made resizing and uploading photos much easier to the forum.

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5 hours ago, Deltafox said:

My attachments shows "You have used 87.89 MB of your 87.89 MB attachment limit." How do I manage this? I would like to delete old attachments.

Just make sure going forward that you resize all your attachments/images to keep this number down. I resize to small or medium using the image resizer program I posted a link to in that topic. See below for your PC images and Bob posted a link for an app for your phone.




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