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  1. ttabs, Check with your local EAA 79 in Spokane someone there will know what direction to point you in. Congrats on your purchase, hope everything works out for you.
  2. Sliding Canopy. If for no other reason than to look like "Joe Cool Fighter Pilot" while taxing around the ramp. Tail dragger option like with the Bristell.
  3. Stitch462

    SC Flier Forum to change hands?

    Agree 100% VAF started out small. While this isn't a homebuilder's forum like over at Van's; BUT just like VAF, its still a good place to swap information on everything from aircraft performance to maintenance issues to trip reports when someone wants to share an adventure they've taken in their Sportcruiser. Given the chance and some time hopefully this site will grow as well. Just gotta get someone to give the web address to this place to buyers in their new owners paperwork package when they purchase their airplane.