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  1. Wow!!! Nice plane... Welcome aboard ttabs... I too came from the trike world, a Maverick with the 447 then a Tanarg with 912... yes the transition was difficult, 180 degrees of change and a few more gray hairs for my CFI ( you may know him, IMG_1007.MOV Rebel Wallace, RIP). If you are ever in the Carson City NV area look me up at NV-54, we have lots of hangar space and a guest apartment.
  2. Thank you all for your responses... I will certainly take them into consideration. Both time when this issue happened the OAT was just above freezing between 34-36 degrees. Engine temperature was about 150 just in the green. Altitude on the first time was 8500 take off was 6400. The second time was 5400 taking off from 4440. I typically run 91 octane Mogas. So far the only thing the A&P could find was a slightly loose air line from the air intake to the carb... and no obvious debris. The annual here is a flat rate of ??? $1100. Then parts and additional labor.... I also provided the plugs, oil, filter etc. Thanks DavePilot I will put future issues in the maintenance section...
  3. I have been having some issues with my carbs (I think)... while in a climb it feels like someone has pulled the throttle back about 20-25% for just a couple of seconds... this has occurred twice now on two separate flights. I have checked everything I am authorized. Several people have suggested the floats might be saturated or leaking and to weigh them. I bought new floats and weighed the old ones exactly the same as the new ones. Others have suggested vapor lock; I have 260 hours on the engine have never experienced this issue. The plane is in the shop now for its annual and I am hoping that they can find the cause. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated... by the way, what is the typical rate for an annual in your area ??? Just curious...
  4. Wow!!! Ed does some great photography... I have a small bottle (1 liter) of O2 with nasal cannula in the plane, but I have never used it. Typically if I go above 12,000 it's only for a few minutes to clear terrain. Last time I went through SoCal I flew up from Bishop threw the Valley and crossed the Sierras from Modesto up through Placerville and over South Lake Tahoe. It's a beautiful route and a moderate climb to 11,000 over the top. Next time you in Carson City, l would enjoy flying with you. Also if you need I've got extra hangar space.
  5. Today's flight was an example of the altitudes up here flew almost 4 hours today, 2 in my Bristell and 2 in a Cessna Skywagon 180. Between 8500-9000 it seemed like it was sluggish in the climb but after 9000 up to 11500 was fine? A friend said it could have been a slight inversion there. My 912 is air aspirated, I had heard the injected version don't have as much problem climbing to higher altitudes. I have had it as high as 14,500 and it was still climbing; but I thought it safer to get back down (I was going over Grant Peak 12000). In the summer I don't go to Tahoe unless it very early because of the density altitude. Today I landed at Bridgeport the field is at 6400 but you have to make 11000 to get there. Flying in these mountains especially in the spring and fall is breathtaking, it so beautiful.
  6. I have a Twin brother in Northwest Florida, looking to get into LSA on a budget ?... I saw a 2010 SC fully loaded Dynon glass panels and only 200 hrs. Hangared in Bisbee AZ. On barnstormer.com listed for $85k Your thoughts would be appreciated.
  7. Thanks once again Dave, i consider myself privileged to be a part of this forum, and will do my best to provide useful information. I am relatively new owning a LSA and really appreciate learning as much as possible. I will always be respectful of the members, again I love the Sport Cruiser and consider my plane a very close cousin. I am certainly no sales person (I manage the State's Prisons), I am happy with my plane and will be glad to share anything you care to know about it. I am eager to learn anything from any of you that will improve my flying experience, make me a safer pilot and save the from mistakes based on your experiences. I have flow across the country twice now and hope run into some you in the future. My plane was at Sun & Fun last year with John Rathmell, I was able to score some awesome leather seats out of that deal. I am planning a trip to central Texas (Skylark Field, Killeen TX) in the early fall to see my son. Again if any of you fly out west my wife and I can be a great resource we have an apparent, lounge, courtesy vehicle and plenty of hangar space on a 5000' runway (no cost). There are some really beautiful place to see from the air and only a 20 minute flight to the Reno air races.
  8. There is no Bristell Forum ? And because the Bristell and SC all incredibly close to being the same (Milan Bristela was on the SC design team), I thought with your experience and expertise with the Rotax 912, that I could glean so useful insight. Yes, I love my Mercedes but the BMW is also Germany engineered also a great vehicle . Just as Bristell is engineered in the Czech Republic not far from the SC.... I hope you don't feel threatened, there are only about 30-40 Bristell owners in the US.?
  9. I do not have a BRS, but that is an option. When I bought the plane it was ordered by another buyer that backed out at the last minute ( reason I got a Fantastic deal). The empty weight is 792 lbs.
  10. I truly am living the Dream... we have been blessed abundantly; and as such it is our obligation to share our blessings with our fellow pilots. RTK we are not that far away, please come for a visit and check out the Airpark. It is so very nice to share a community with like minded friends. Most are retired, I still have to work (got to pay for this plane) but we have at least one hangar party a month to share our aviation tales. We do have a few homes for sale and plenty of room for more new ones. Deltafox, we decided on the Bristell because we got a fantastic deal on a fantastic plane. The Designer Milan Bristela was part of the design team for the Sport Cruiser, Piper Sport and the Evector aircraft. So basically He took what he thought was the best of each and called it the Bristell. If you look close you will not see much difference. Instead of Dynon glass panels he went with Garmin and used a FiTi prop. It is 51 inches wide in the cockpit and has nose wheel steering. Short of that it's the same plane.
  11. You are correct Shawn, but I am in no hurry the plane is new and has all the latest and greatest gadgets... but saving on the inspections and maintenance would be nice. Also I prefer to do what ever maintenance that I can and am allowed. So far the Bristell folks have been great to work with... excellent team. thank you for your assistance.
  12. How difficult is it to switch to E-LSA ? Is it just a matter of changing the registration? I plan on keeping my plane forever so I am not concerned with resale value. Also I have the 16 hour mechanic license and would certainly benefit from doing my own annual and maintenance.
  13. Thank you for allowing me to become a member of the forum... l would like to introduce myself. The name is Harold Wickham, first off No I do not have a Sport Cruiser... I wanted one for years... I fly a very similar aircraft, built in the Czech Republic by Milan Briselta... it is a 2016 Bristell S-LSA (see photos) it has the full Garmin suite G3x touch. It is an incredible plane and a true joy to fly. I live in Dayton Nevada at Dayton Valley Airpark A-34 just a 10 minute flight to beautiful South Lake Tahoe airport. I have a really big hanger with a Pilots apartment, lounge and courtesy vehicle. If your ever in the area feel free to stop in and stay over if you like. We are a pretty friendly Airpark. There are many airports very close by and fantastic place to fly here. Although keep in mind this is the Sierras and the weather can change rapidly and the altitude comes up quickly. Again thank you for allowing me in the forum without a Sport Cruiser...
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