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  1. Wow Patrick, that is some dedication!! Highly appreciate the great support!
  2. As for Merlinspop, I have a small canopy breaker which is mounted behind the seats, just above where my fire extinguisher is. It has pins in the base of the holder which mount into the carpeting without any adhesive. Velcro would work too. It was like 10$.
  3. A very small overhead red light for seeing inside cockpit at night. I have a glass cockpit, and my Instrument Light switch does not do anything (as far as I can tell). A red light that you could turn on where the headset hanger is over the right shoulder of the pilot could be useful. I use a red headlamp to see switches/fuses/where my bag is/everything inside the cockpit. I've seen these in BMW's and other cars. I have a Jetta and next to where the rearview mirror/sunroof/roof lights there is a 1-2 mm red light that gives the slightest glow inside the car. Something similar to that.
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