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Pro Package or Pro Plus package

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53 minutes ago, wayne said:

A potential buyer of my 2013 Cruiser asked if it has a Pro package or a Pro Plus package. Can someone tell me what this is? THANKS!!!!

I think what the buyer is referring to is the SVAP and the SVAP+ version that were out around that time. Obviously the SVAP+ is the top of the line version with everything and the SVAP was considered the entry level version. One just had more bells and whistles than the other but I dont know all the details of the differences. ADS-B in and out, class 1 mode S transponder, backup batteries for the panel, Garmin 796 etc. I would think your POH or checklist would state which model you own.

I hope this was helpful and hope another owner of this year or even the 2014 or 2015 can elaborate a bit more for you as to the differences Wayne.  

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Great discussion.  Very useful.  Glad the question has been answered and ideas suggested.

However ( -- Wayne)  “Forum Information and News” is NOT the best location for this type of discussion. 

“Forum Information and News”  is intended for new SCFLIER Forum software notices and new Forum features from our SCFLIER website provider,  NEWS about the SCFLIER Forum, Updated SCFLIER Monthly Activated Member counts,  etc.,  provided  by  me,  the SCFLIER Admin. 

 I have changed the title of this particular Forum Topic to 

"Forum Information and News from the Admin"

in an attempt to help other SCFLIER Forum Members understand what this topic area is intended for.    Definitely not the first time that a "Random Thought" got posted here...


I am Very glad that Wayne's question has been answered,  but in the future 

for all  SCFLIER Forum members,

please First

use the SEARCH function (magnifying glass icon at the top right ),  a good way to find

EXISTING discussion on a topic “already out there” on the SCFLIER Forum

and help prevent us from having a constantly expanding, overlapping topic discussion outline that may make it difficult to find information quickly.... 


If an Existing SCFLIER Topic discussion can not be found for your question or idea with SEARCH,   then please place requests for answers on new items like this in the 

Random Thoughts”  forum area,

or, for example, if one has a Rotax carburetor question, please post your question under the “Rotax Engine” area, ...

or perhaps in this particular example,  a new topic could be started,  called 

“ProPackage / ProPlus Package Questions”

and this might work well if created  under the “General Avionics” topic outline area or the “Dynon SOFTWARE” topic outline area  ...

Staying ORGANIZED in the SCFLIER forum will help other folks find and see interesting topics quickly. 

Efficient, quick, effective information exchange about the awesome SportCruiser/PiperSport/PS-28 LSA Aircraft is our SCFLIER Forum objective. 

Thanks to all and enjoy the forum  





See below for results of an SCFLIER Search function on "SVAP"




04_Results_of_an_SCFLIER_Search_for_SVAP Lite.jpg

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Thanks Dave, as the admin can't you simply move this discussion to the proper topic? I know this can be done on other forums I'm a member of because they also try to keep them organized. Should be a simple fix.

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yes, "misplaced discussion topics" can be moved by the Admin,  but this is time consuming....

My intent is to help folks on the SCFLIER Forum "self organize" the forum,  and take a little time searching for an existing topic already covering their questions,   or place their new topic into an existing "best match" area of the forum  so that it is easier to find information on topics,

and also to minimize my time spent doing chores as your friendly SCFLIER Admin (currently about 10-15 hours spent by me each week).

Today's work by your friendly Admin on the SCFLIER Forum is going to be spent updating the Website Software to the latest version just announced by our Website Software Supplier...

I am always glad to help,   and of course I love the SCFLIER Forum, but I would rather be flying my airplane than moving “misplaced” topics around on the forum...

TIME is a limited asset.  

Perhaps I will have more TIME for “Admin-ing” the SCFLIER Forum another day...


Your Friendly SCFLIER Admin

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