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  1. Designrs and ShawnM thanks for the preventative maintenance tips. To answer atrosa’s question no I did not previously fly a Lightning. I just love the Tampa Bay Lightning hockey team.
  2. I only experienced relatively minor turbulence and picked my way through the passes as best I could that allowed my AGL clearance to be maximized. The weather was quite good through the mountainous part of my journey, so on the more eastern part of my trip I did not put myself into any bad weather situations when the weather looked marginal I chose to stay on the ground and wait it out. One reason I chose my Christmas break to make the journey was, so that I minimized time pressure on me getting back.
  3. In regards to the question asked on my flight planning of my trip, flying my plane home from Arizona to Florida. First off as a recently licensed sport pilot with 95 hours total time at the start of the trip I took considerable time and detail to plan my journey and big adventure. I first planned my trip on the AOPA flight planner to get a rough idea of the total distance, terrain elevations, longest legs necessary for stops for available fuel and airports along my route, that could serve as stops or alternates if necessary. Once I had an initial plan I bought the necessary sectionals that wou
  4. Just Purchased my 2011 SportCruiser in Arizona on Dec 20th and flew it back to Florida.
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