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  1. I’m at GEU here in Arizona. Currently at Fly Eagle Sport. The three Sport Cruisers on the field are part of a bigger school there.
  2. Thanks for the addition. Currently a 27hr LS student. Forced to take off a year, right after my dual XC. So behind a bit now, but just now starting back up and hope to finish by end of October. I’m flying the Remos GX in training. Looking at buying a Sport Cruiser by end of the year. Found you guys, and will absolutely be leaning on everyone here while I look for my perfect plane in a few months. Have to take care of some rather big wifey projects first. Last week and I finally got to see a SC in person and sit in one. There’s a couple of them at a different school on the field. I do have a 1hr discovery flight scheduled this weekend in a SC just to tease myself. 😉 Thanks
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