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  1. Thanks for reply. Are there several Sport Cruisers in FL? This snow bird flew home about 3 weeks early!
  2. HI Every One: Am a returning forum member, but not sure if this is where I should be doing an intro. Am multi, instrument rated & have owned a 2008 (new) Sport Cruiser, 2011 and just bought a 2013 with low time and updated to HDX. Lots of time in Beechcraft V35's & A36 and now going back to Sport Cruiser recreational, fun flying. Live in South Dakota and have a winter home in The Villages, FL. Looking forward to hearing from other fliers and owners. Sport Cruiser is a great airplane and trainer, but one just needs to actually learn how to fly an airplane again in transitioning from larger, heavier aircraft.
  3. ronin: yes, Dynon is Skyview - after topping off, do you hit "match" or "full" or what? Thanks
  4. Am confused about proper "fuel" settings following top off. Each fuel gauge reads 12+ after fill. After top off, should I select "match" or "full" or what on the "fuel" readout? I have heard that 12+ is maximum indication even though both tanks are full @ 15 gallons. Also heard that gauge reading will not register below 12+ until fuel level has dropped around 3 or 4 gallons, but not sure. Thanks for any help you can give. Arnie
  5. How do I ask a question on the forum? Thanks - Arnie
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