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  1. ThrustFlight at KADS Addison Airport, North Dallas, is “close” to Arkansas, in a “Texas” kind of way. Demo rides, Instruction, and MANY SportCruisers flying each and every day (and night)... https://www.thrustflight.com/ Our Fleet | Thrust Flight https://www.thrustflight.com/fleet/
  2. First, why would I post information to SCFLIER Members who are having trouble logging in, at this particular Forum location ? Answer - because there ARE areas of the SCFLIER Forum where NON-Members, or those SCFLIER Members that have lost their password, can SEE postings without logging in. This is one of those “free access” locations. Second, if you are an Activated SCFLIER Member who can no longer Log-In - i.e., forgot their password to the SCFLIER Forum in the flurry of passwords required everywhere, the “automatic” SCFLIER Website password resets do NOT work. Fact.
  3. I was notified by Shawn (thanks) that an old Topic from 2014, related to Service Bulletin SB-CR-017 requiring replacing RIVETS with stronger BOLTS, has been "Archived" and "No Further Posts are Allowed". I believe this to be a result of our new "Improved" Website SW required to be installed earlier in September. I have requested details on this issue and will get the problem fixed. I suspect that the new software is attempting to save memory allocation for all of our total SCFLIER Posts - perhaps a way to force us to upgrade to a more expensive monthly subscription charge f
  4. As y’all may have noticed, the SCFLIER SportCruiser forum has a new “look” to it, with some changes. My comments: I, as your Admin did not ask for this. Some of the changes are Security Updates, and these are always good to activate. Other changes affect functionality and are driven by Upgrades devised by the Website SW Engineers. Some Upgrades are, indeed, “way cool”. The Company that maintains our website operating software, all your posts, pictures, links to stuff, ... , is CONSTANTLY Updating the software that runs our (and many other’s) forum. Someti
  5. As of 8/31/2020  the number of   Active, Validated SCFLIER SportCruiser Forum Members with Log-In Privileges  is now   509  SCFLIER Forum Members ! AWESOME !
  6. I will check and get back with you Dave UPDATE at 20:01:07 Zulu, 7/15/2020 I updated everyone’s MAXIMUM Storage Limit to 100 Mb each. EVERY SCFLIER Member should work to minimize their attachments total size by: sizing pictures and attachments smaller, using tools available such as Irfanview or MS Window sizing tools such as “Image Resizer for Windows” adding links to an attachment available elsewhere on the web rather than attaching the entire document or using high resolution image(s) if you would like to include a picture already Uploaded
  7. a very small % of SCFLIER Members lose their passwords. If you are having Password Trouble, please email me, the Admin at Scflieradm@yahoo.com the “automated” password reset function does NOT work. Dave SCFLIER ADMIN
  8. I recommend a “freeware” program called IrfanView that will allow image downsizing, cropping, rotating, ...., more. Useful and Easy to use. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IrfanView or, one can simply Import the High resolution pictures into individual MS PowerPoint slides, add multiple pictures in one image, ..., and then “Save As” JPEG Files to dramatically reduce stored picture size to Kb instead of Mb. And, just like a “free lunch”, lots of bits are NOT Free. Note that your friendly Admin pays a slightly larger monthly fee for SCFLIER website se
  9. In the background, your friendly SCFLIER ADMIN gets to update the website SW periodically. Typically, most Website Software updates are SECURITY Fixes. Some SW Updates fix bugs, and some provide improved functionality. In the last year, we have had seven SCFLIER Website SW Upgrades. An example is shown in the attached picture for your enjoyment. SCFLIER Website SW Improvements are transparent to the individual SCFLIER Member. Fun Fun for your friendly Admin Dave
  10. Some comments from your friendly Admin: WHY did I start this post ? 1) many months ago, there was exciting information about potential new regulations for USA FAA Special Light Sport Aircraft - including possibly higher allowed empty weights, more seats than two, and generally more airplane types that Could potentially be legal to fly for a USA Sport Pilot. Interesting ! 2) last week, a “NEWS UPDATE” came out on the INTERNET discussing possible new USA LSA Regulations. Problem is, when one really looked at the “Updates” in that link, there wasn’t any NEW INFORMATION being re
  11. the SCFLIER SportCruiser forum is an awesome reference for all things SportCruiser, PIPERSPORT, PS-28, LSA, E-LSA, Maintenance, Flying Techniques, Rotax engine, ... a GREAT way to share opinions, lessons learned, and improvement ideas for the SportCruiser family of Light Sport Airplanes ! but like any “Information found on the Internet”, a good dose of skepticism is warranted. Especially if the information includes recommended modifications to your airplane. Most SCFLIER info is great ! and some SCFLIER info is not so great... consider the source - the Internet.
  12. To all SCFLIER SportCruiser Forum Members, Families, and Friends may your Ceilings And Visibilities be Unlimited, Crosswind Components be well < 12 knots, and all your 2020 CRUZ LSA Flying Adventures be Awesome ! Dave a short video demonstrating Airline Pilot ATP Crosswind Takeoff SKILL https://youtu.be/dl1ksX4ATOE from KORD Orchard Field, Chicago O’Hare International Airport, USA
  13. as of 10/31/19.  the number of   Active, Validated SCFLIER SportCruiser Forum Members with Log-In Privileges  is now   446  SCFLIER Forum Members !
  14. Update ! as of 5/31/19.  the number of  Active, Validated SCFLIER SportCruiser Forum Members with Log-In Privileges is now  410  SCFLIER Forum Members !
  15. SCFLIER Forum Members Please make a note in your contacts list of this email address: Scflieradm@yahoo.com if you ever need to contact me directly. This same email address Scflieradm@yahoo.com is listed on the “top banner picture” of every SCFLIER Forum page, in white text. “Admin email: Scflieradm@yahoo.com” at the lower left corner below the downtown Dallas buildings in the Yellow “SCFLIER BANNER” SportCruiser picture. This email Scflieradm@yahoo.com is the ONLY Quick, effective, reliable way to contact me direct
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