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  1. Now that I look at the panel again with moving some things around ... A garmin gtn 650 or 750 would fit perfectly there and you could eliminate the radio. I'm not sure if that nav can go in with the same rotax power setup... might need the alternator too.
  2. Dynon doesn't have sectional maps . You have to use the Seattle ones which require keeping the USB sticks in. Not elegant. The new plane have 2 USB ports in the panel. Mine has 2 USB ports but they are by your right knee on the side of the console. Buggs me if I fly with them in as it hits my leg. The USB ports are for the dynon screens not for changing your iPhone. Hence the power adapter. Never tried but I don't think the USB ports will charge a device. 2 gps??? You can use the dynon for nav and have just the traffic page up on the garmin or weather page or your flight plan. To many possibilitys to list . Sean do you need it ? Nope but it's nice. Give me a sectional and a map I can get there with nothing, but the direct button is so much easier and relaxing.
  3. Good question. My guess is they feel for Vfr flight only one is needed. I disagree. The dynon gps is really great however it's expensive to install sectional maps which I use my 796 for. I also like the redundancy of both. The panel is plastic or carbon fiber so that should save some weight. The interior is more car like which I think is a step in the right direction. The aircraft airframe was the same . Interior and paint is what was changed. The booth was really nice and very professional.
  4. One improvement they made was in the inside. Seats are more comfortable
  5. In regards to ADSB. Some times its better not to be on the bleeding edge of new technology. https://generalaviationnews.com/2017/06/08/faa-issues-final-navworx-ad/ https://www.avweb.com/avwebflash/news/FAA-Releases-Final-NavWorx-AD-229109-1.html
  6. Sportcruiser Weight Limits

    Man ..... how hard did he push forward to launch the fire extinguisher from the center console which his arm was most likely resting on to go through the canopy. Glad he got it back on the ground.
  7. Sportcruiser Weight Limits

    The sportcruiser wasn't designed to be a light sport. It was converted to that standard. I Wouldn't admit to flying it overweight but I herd some really reliable info that at 1600 lbs it flys fine. Of course maneuver speed increases to maybe 90 ish. My particular aircraft stalls dirty at 34 knots. that stall speed never seems to change light or near max gross weight. Not to sure about power on stalls as I don't do them to much. For me 100% power on stalls the pitch up angle is pretty extreme and I worry about the carbs not picking up fuel, but maybe I'm nuts as I've never had a problem. Seems you eventually learn your particular aircraft. Book says 5500 rpm is max continus power. Mine seems happy at 5200 in cruise burning about 5.4 gph. more rpm doesn't increase speed that much but burns 6.5 gph at 5500 rpm. my last sportcruiser 2010. I would run at 5400 in cruise and the motors sounded happy. The rotax likes to be run hard I think. The original flight tests by Czech aircraft works in 2004 from rumors were totally different then what's published now. Also from rumors it was test flown with a Jabiru 3300 engine. I agree with Dave that those limits are long gone or we will never see them. These planes are great and can take a beating. I think we all fly them light and its better in the long run for the airframe life not to mention that anything over 1320 is illegal. All I can say for sure is every time I get into it I'm like a little kid... its a pure joy to fly. Also they have a new plane in the works and if you goto czechsport facebook site and look though the pictures you will see a Grey plane with orange stripes without wheel pants. Rumor on that its our plane with a UL motor in it 150hp with a constant speed prop. I would love to fly that one.
  8. I can appreciate the manufacturer trying to maintain a safety record. Some LOAs are more then reasonable such as adding a TANNIS engine preheater. Also as the aircraft gets older, isn't it safer to keep up with current tech i.e. new GPS etc? The longer this process takes I feel it makes current owners feel as if no one gives a ####. With the upcoming 2020 mandate on the horizon make me think what are owners going to do.
  9. Dynon Fuel Computer Settings

    I usually don't mess with the fuel computer to be honest. I one of those weird people who looks in both tanks and I figure it out by 6 gal per hour. 3 to 3.5 hrs flight time. I never have less then 5 gallons per side. I think if you setup the computer in skyview its really accurate. but I wont fly it with minimum fuel.
  10. Dynon Fuel Computer Settings

    You are using skyview I think. That sounds consistent of what I'm seeing.