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    Long but this will show what I'm talking about
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    Selling is all about setting you brand apart. Maybe even badmouthing the other brand. As a great example this aircraft has been used to compare the sportcruiser to the bristell for years by John Rathmell. https://www.trade-a-plane.com/search?category_level1=Single+Engine+Piston&make=CZECH+SPORT+AIRCRAFT&model=SPORTCRUISER&listing_id=2288935&s-type=aircraft If you go there stuck between what plane to buy between the 2, he takes you on a test flight in that sportcruiser. Then he takes you for a ride in a New bristell. Guess which one people buy. Now its not really fair to compare a 12 year old sportcruiser to a new Bristell but that's not the point is it?
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    I have seen all of Kirks videos. He goes a little to slow for me so it gets boring, but its good content. I would still love to see some videos of some of the advanced features which they never show and quite frankly do a piss poor job explaining in the user guide. Such as how to use the Vnav for doing VFR approaches to a runway fully coupled on autopilot. I had to figure it out by trial and error and it works shockingly well. I'm sure its not dynons intent to assure and teach dummys that flying approaches in imc using non certified gps is a good thing. But I for one disagree as I would like to know how every feature works to its full extent. Who knows, I could be one of those dummys that finds himself in such a pickle and now you better know how to do it.
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    A blonde named Seanm. Must be a California thing. But who am I to judge
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    Is Dynon still coming. I think they finally got the 472 adsb dual band unit fixed. Ask them when they should start shipping.
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    I always read that about the rotax buring 4.5 gal per hour. Maybe its me but I flight plane for 110 kts at 6 gal per hour. usually run the rpm at 5350 and get something like 5.5 5.7 per hour . at 7500 ft or so its trues out at 118 knots. My personal aircraft will not get to 120 knots unless I firewall the throttle which will give me 5650 rpms which it cant sustain for more then 5 mins but I try not to ever hit over 5500.
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    Guess you could ask him if your going to the open house this Saturday. I wont make it as 1000 miles for hot dogs is a hike.
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    I don't really know if its the same guy... same name though. Guess you could use any name you want when creating an account.
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    I disappointed in you seanm that you didn't recognize him by name.
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    There is no bristell forum.
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    in business innovate or die.
  12. Now that I look at the panel again with moving some things around ... A garmin gtn 650 or 750 would fit perfectly there and you could eliminate the radio. I'm not sure if that nav can go in with the same rotax power setup... might need the alternator too.
  13. Dynon doesn't have sectional maps . You have to use the Seattle ones which require keeping the USB sticks in. Not elegant. The new plane have 2 USB ports in the panel. Mine has 2 USB ports but they are by your right knee on the side of the console. Buggs me if I fly with them in as it hits my leg. The USB ports are for the dynon screens not for changing your iPhone. Hence the power adapter. Never tried but I don't think the USB ports will charge a device. 2 gps??? You can use the dynon for nav and have just the traffic page up on the garmin or weather page or your flight plan. To many possibilitys to list . Sean do you need it ? Nope but it's nice. Give me a sectional and a map I can get there with nothing, but the direct button is so much easier and relaxing.
  14. Good question. My guess is they feel for Vfr flight only one is needed. I disagree. The dynon gps is really great however it's expensive to install sectional maps which I use my 796 for. I also like the redundancy of both. The panel is plastic or carbon fiber so that should save some weight. The interior is more car like which I think is a step in the right direction. The aircraft airframe was the same . Interior and paint is what was changed. The booth was really nice and very professional.
  15. One improvement they made was in the inside. Seats are more comfortable