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  1. Wow. its a small world as I was just at KGRR yesterday having lunch with a friend. Nice airport and a pretty cool small city.
  2. What about figuring out unquantifiable plane ownership costs. Such as knowing always the state of your aircraft. Knowing how much gas is in it what kind and what quality. Knowing its maintained correctly without having to dig though logs . Knowing the last guy to fly it was you and knowing how it was flown and more importantly how it was landed. Not seeing a single INOP sticker in my cockpit. You cant put a price on piece of mind, and me knowing my plane and its state before opening my hanger door its priceless to me.
  3. you get those pencil whipped condition inspections. LOL sorry man I just couldn't resist.
  4. Ignorance is bliss. I have never put a pencil to the costs, because to me it doesn't matter. Its expensive, but most hobbies such as this are. Plus its not a one time fee its a pay as you go kind of thing. I think proper upkeep will pay off in the long run. I do 25 hour oil changes not 50.
  5. Thanks why I ask. His plane is owned by a LLC and I herd the FAA has stated that 100 % ownership of the LLC is still NOT a plane you own so he couldn’t do his own annuals . In other words the plane must be in the name of the individual . Just wanted some clarity on the rules. I was also thinking about getting a lsrm.
  6. I suppose so. This is something I check every 6 months after being a lucky enough to be on my 3rd set of sinkers. When I install mine there is no gas in the bowls and the floats are on the bottom so I just cant see how putting the bowls on a float could get stuck but then again a broken clock is correct twice a day as well.
  7. I don't see how you could rip a float while installing the bowls
  8. ronin5573

    canopy handle

    I would agree. However I do like the headset rack. Makes things in back more organized. I’m always careful with mine and a passenger if there is one with the headset wires that close to the canopy handle. I’ve never had a canopy open in flight and would prefer to keep it that way.
  9. ronin5573

    canopy handle

    The canopy guides are totally worth doing however the canopy handle is pretty much worthless.
  10. I just thought it was interesting to look at this again years later and see if anything changed. Some things that people wanted in the list … such as #2 is just silly when talking about light sport planes with max speeds of 120 knots. #7 just doesn't make sense as the manufactured cant control the cost of any upgrade.
  11. Just looking back on this old thread and wondering if anything changed with the suggestions that were given to the manafacturer.... 1.NOPE no AOA still . this is inexcusable to not have with the Dynon option 2. YES KIND OF with a Sensenich prop just pitch it to 4 and it will cruise at 125 knots or pitch it to 2 and it will climb at 1300fpm. you still cant have both at the same time. 3. YES. new Sportcruiser have improved cowling to help with hot climates. Only on the newer planes 2017 and up. 4. NOPE same old Ducati and its problems that come with it. 5. NOPE same canopy release and lock but we do have better alignment with guides they come out with which work really well. 6. NOPE same control stick 7.NEITHER this didn't make sense not sure what that means. what's cost effective in aviation 8-1. NOPE same cockpit ventilation 8-2 YES they moved the usb ports to the panel .. much better IMO the 12v is also moved to the copilot side of the panel 9-1 NOPE same seating postion .. new seats but they don't recline or move. 9-2 NOPE nothing to hold the canopy open …. just your elbow 10. NOPE same seats belts 11-1 YES I would say the new interior has sizzling ramp appeal its subjective I guess. 11-2 NOPE wing lockers still use a screw driver .. never bothered me until I seen how Bristell does it . 12 YES KIND OF they do have a way for LOAs now but there is no way that I am aware of to look at LOAs which have been granted.
  12. Its just like riding a bike.... after some landings it will be old hat.
  13. Happy to have you here. I see that you are flying my old plane N907LS at the flight school.
  14. In the great words of the infamous Lev . "Components. American components, Russian Components, ALL MADE IN TAIWAN!"
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