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Hello from SE Minnesota

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Greetings to you all from Rochester MN

I joined SCF one year ago after purchasing a 2010 PSC.  Unfortunately, I encountered log in issues soon after.  Dave was kind enough to give me some help and I now have full access once again.

I've flown my plane about 50 hours since purchasing it and really enjoy it.  I've owned a 172 and 150 before and found it took me awhile to get used to the handling characteristics- particularly pitch sensitivity and rudder authority.

I look forward to getting to know other members and helping anyone where I can. 

One question- I am unable to lock my canopy. Received two keys and a blank key for the lock when I purchased the plane. The keys slide in easy but won't rotate the tumbler.  I tried to remove the handle so I could take it to a locksmith but it refuses to slide off the shaft.  Has anyone encountered this issue? It's not something I want to apply a lot of force to.

Thanks in advance.

Brad K



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Hi Brad and welcome back, we missed you. :D Hope your 50 hours was enjoyable, the SportCruiser flies like a sports car compared to a clunky 150 or 172. :P

I had the same issues you are having with my canopy handle when I bought my plane 9 years ago. I thought I had the wrong key as it would go in but not turn. Your problem is the lock was never lubricated and it's basically corroded in the current position. I removed the handle from the fuselage by removing the screws on the inside holding it in place. Then soak it in a solution of WD-40 or Liquid Wrench for 24 hours. Then you can easily take it apart. Clean and dry all the parts and lubricate it with some good lithium grease and reassemble. Mines been working perfect ever since. You can lubricate it every so often or squirt in some graphite powder for locks. 

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Thanks Shawn!

I will give that a try. Unfortunately, my first problem is that the handle is also frozen on the horizontal shaft which rotates the locks. I've unscrewed the handle from the inside but can't pull it off. I've thought about securing a small impact dent puller to the handle and, with someone holding onto the shaft from the inside, gently trying to break the lock free. Penetrating oil sprayed in from the back side might work too. It would be great to able to lock the canopy.

Have a great weekend.

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You removed both screws, correct? You should be able to then rotate the handle and body and remove it. If not then try spraying some liquid wrench or WD-40 on the inside and using the red tube on the spray cans get some inside the tube. Mine came off and I didn't have this issue. Wish I could be of more help.

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