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late introduction from NJ

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Here's my 2015 Sport Cruiser, serial # 535, N269SC based at KMIV in Millville NJ.
I bought the plane in Jan 2020 when I was halfway through my PPL training. It had 35 hours on it and was in brand new condition. My father always said buy the best example you can afford and that has been good advice.
After I realized I was committed to getting my PPL, I decided to buy a plane with approx $50/hour direct costs rather than paying $200/hour for the steam gauge 172 and $250/hour for the G1000 172. I was perhaps a little lucky in my choice, not realizing what a workhorse the Sport Cruiser can be.
After 350 hours, it has been extremely reliable with one flat tire, one broken exhaust header that I was able to have rewelded and one rectifier failure, otherwise nothing but annuals and oil changes. The A&P at my flight school Big Sky is a Rotax fan which is somewhat unusual but I do most maintenance myself.
Non-ethanol mogas is not available in NJ so I use 100LL exclusively with Decaline.  I have noted a very thin film of lead in the oil tank that I wipe off with a paper towel.  Does not seem substantial.  I do a lot of cross country so most of my fuel would be 100LL regardless.
I bought the plane through Sport Flying USA in Lancaster PA who is the Bristell importer.  They are very familiar with Rotax and Sport Cruiser so they do my annuals; I am lucky to have a local LSA specialist; I would not be as confident with a general-purpose A&P.
I have never posted here before because I did not feel like subjecting myself to the internet know-it-alls, critics and douchebags but Dave asked me to post so I guess I am going to have to develop some thick skin.
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Welcome Ivinsea. Great looking plane. I’m pretty new here. It’s a really good forum. Everyone here has really been excellent at trying to help with any issues. Sounds like you have some experienced LSA folks nearby. I haven’t found them around my area yet so the forum has been a big help for me. If you ever have a question about something this is a good place to look for help. Again, welcome.

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