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  1. I believe Bristell has a "drop to latch" canopy function. (If canopy is down, it's latched.) Unlock is by pressing a button. Simple and effective if reliable. I haven't heard anything negative about it.
  2. 1) Improved engine cooling while holding short on 95+ degree F days. (Larger radiator, oil cooler, and/or cowling ventilation.) 2) Sizzling Interior Ramp Appeal! Look to match or beat Bristell. 3) Safer more foolproof canopy latch mechanism, in terms of: a) ensuring canopy is latched before flight... if canopy is lowered it should be latched automatically. reduced possibility of partially latched canopy on one side only c) less vulnerable to inadvertent unlatching 4) latches (not screws) to secure wing lockers. (Has this been done already?) More challenging ideas: 1) improved cruise speed and climb performance
  3. designrs

    SC Flier Forum to change hands?

    Sounds good Dave. Thank you!
  4. designrs

    SC Flier Forum to change hands?

    >>US Sport Aircraft has not been much of a contributor over the years, not because they don't care, more because they are busy selling airplanes. >>Just gotta get someone to give the web address to this place to buyers in their new owners paperwork package when they purchase their airplane. Thank you Dave for your time & effort on this site. Love the site, SportCruiser and US SportAircraft... Gotta say, if they are selling all the airplanes they desire then great. However this would be a good time to consider the role of this site moving forward to benifit all. 1) The presence of new buyers here builds brand excitement and loyalty for owners. 2) New owners benefit from experienced owners 3) We all benifit from shared information 4) Members should actively refer interested others to the board 5) The stronger the brand the stronger the resale values * I believe US SportAir has someone now working actively on social media, this would be an easy extension for them to cross-post. Don't underestimate the power of the board. Tecnam is active on SportPilotTalk. I know of two new Tecnam owners, another with plane on order, and a serious potential buyer. Some of these guys are posting photos and sharing enthusiasm. Wonderful to see. Would like to see similar with SportCruiser!
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