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  1. Welcome aboard, Sue! For SC'r and light sport sharing, you've come to a good place.😃
  2. Almost doubled since I joined. Congratulations to SCFLIER FORUM and staff!
  3. I enjoy sharing and learning information on light sport flying and maintenance/upkeep on the wonderful Rotax 912 engine. This is one of many forums I participate in. A great way for new members of the light sport community to cut their teeth on.
  4. Congratulations SCFLIER Forum and Happy New Year to all its members! . . . 😃
  5. That's great. Almost double from when I signed up. The more . . . the merrier!
  6. Congratulations and welcome aboard, Steve! This is a great forum, to compliment your new acquisition.
  7. That's a really good looking airplane with a nice, simple panel, that can take you anywhere. Actually, as compared to some of the newer S-LSA's, that empty weight really isn't that bad. Midwest Sky Sports rep told me, at last Sun n' Fun, a new Sling 2, with BRS and dual G3X's would come in at about 910 lbs. EBW. That's pretty heavy, considering my CTSW's EBW comes in at 748 lbs. (BRS is standard equipment).
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