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there is some great information on the SCFLIER SportCruiser forum about this issue. 

Yes, The “weatherstripping” around the canopy frame where it mates with the fuselage can be replaced and may need replacing. 

Also, the Czech aircraft manufacturer (now called Cruiser Aircraft,  and used to be called Czech Sport Aircraft) has a service bulletin on installing “canopy guidance plates” that makes the canopy align to the fuselage correctly every time - there have been instances where a Pilot took off without properly checking for both sides of the canopy being retained by the left and right latching hooks,  and this guidance plate system helps ensure proper locking on both sides.  

Your checklists should also include a Pilot check for proper / secure canopy closure before takeoff.  

see the below links for details -

Canopy Guidance / Latching Improvement:
This Service Bulletin came out in 2018. Does your 2018 SportCruiser aircraft have this installed from the factory ?



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Has anyone ever tried weather stripping? Is there not a canopy seal in place now? There should be one there from the factory. It's Hager 726 weather stripping and here's another topic with some pics of my plane after I added new to my canopy. 

You may need to adjust the latch mechanism after you add the seal. After you add the new seal latch the canopy VERY SLOWLY to make sure it's not too tight as it'll crack the canopy frame if you force it into the lock position. :o

If the seal IS in place now then a small adjustment to the latch mechanism in the rear baggage area is all that's needed.

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On 1/8/2022 at 7:08 PM, Ricky Hinson said:

Just purchased a 2018 Sport Cruiser. Having trouble with the canopy leaking air. Is there a fix for this. Can it be adjusted. Anyone ever tried weather stripping? Thanks, Rick

Where are you located ?  I ask because if you live in a northern Climate ... you might be going down the rabbit hole like I did to try to get some heat in the cabin. I also blamed leaks and this and that, but the bottom line is after 20 deg ... it was just to cold for me.

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