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  1. Nothing, it's one in the same. It's how Dave identifies the plane on the forum. CRUZ is the ICAO "type designator" for our aircraft. It's actually the "type designator" for all 4 versions. CSA SportCruiser CSA PiperSport CZAW SportCruiser Piper PiperSport Hope this explains things without adding yet more confusion.
  2. Great write up Dave. When I bought my GDL-39 3D (gently used and with the battery) the only thing I couldn't swallow was the $70 Garmin was asking for a simple data cable. I ordered the connector and made my own. There are of course a few ways to wire up the GDL-39 depending on your avionics. However you do this, the GDL-39 is an AWESOME and simple device for ADS-B in. I love Garmin stuff.
  3. Navworx has been anticipating a ruling from the FAA and they are ready to fix the affected units. This has been going on with them for a while now. This is the only issue I've heard of so far with regards to ADS-B equipment. As with all technology the units will get more advanced and less expensive as time goes on. I bet those willing to wait will get the best deal on ADS-B. Heck, there are LSA/experimental units available now for under $1000 already The issue will be installation time for those with S-LSA.
  4. Oh I'm damn sure about that! I hear ya Bob on the "male duties" We recently adopted a greyhound and he's just like a kid, really! Time is getting very limited around here. Sometimes I just sneak away and dont come back for hours. There is only one shared hangar close to Dave's end of the field so that has to be the same one. And there's lots more room over the standard T hangars there. Removing the fuel level sensor is easy, the tank not so much. That'll require possibly new paint. When I spoke to Patrick last year at Sun-n-Fun he mentioned to me that the factory was going to issue a SB for the legacy aircraft that didn't have the return fuel line to the left tank and force us to add one. That requires removing the tank and that means the skin on the leading edge of the wing. He mentioned that meant new paint as well in some cases. That's because all new rivets and then body filler to make them look solid. This is just another reason I'm glad I went E-LSA, I've never had ANY fuel pressure problems and I'll be damned if I'm going to open that can of worms and start down a road so many others have been down. NO THANKS! I dont remember there being baffles in the tanks. I thought I looked into mine once to see the fuel level sensor and dont remember baffles. Who know the gas fumes could have clouded my memory even more. As far as 2020 and a lease back. You only need to equip for 2020 IF you plan to fly: in class A airspace of course but that does not apply to LSA in Class B airspace inside the mode C ring in Class C airspace in class E airspace above 10,000 feet MSL but not below 2,500 AGL above 3000' MSL within 12 nm of the coastline of the US Basically anywhere that requires a transponder today will require ADS-B out equipment If none of these apply then owners dont need to equip for the mandate. My home airport is inside the Tampa Mode C veil so unless I move I have no choice. I can't imagine that CSA would not issue a blanket LOA for ONE ADS-B solution for legacy aircraft. I'm leaning towards the GTX-335 and my guess. Stranger things have happened but who know at this point. That would force me to look at LSA manufacturers other than CSA knowing they were not willing to support their loyal customers. This would be bad business for them. My brain hurts now.....
  5. Yup, that's our weather right now. Is your plane in the quonset hut on the field? That used to be my hangar I shared with another LSA owner. I can only imagine that the tank can be flushed of any and all foreign matter and be good as new again. Thankfully the wings are off and that'll make cleaning them much easier. I'm hoping to get up there soon when the storms subside. We had a short break in the storms today but the girlfriend told me I needed to mow the yard.
  6. Bruce, he could if it's not in the log book.....just sayin' Bob, they will have to come up with something for the S-LSA legacy aircraft, there's no way around it for CSA. All the Skyview owners are set with the new 2020 transponder and GPS from Dynon. No LOA needed for them. The Garmin 335 or 345 is the easiest and least intrusive solution for the legacy aircraft. Literally no modifications to the aircraft. I have not made it up to X35 as we here in Florida have had non stop thunderstorms or rain for what seems like 2 weeks. i'm not complaining as we sure could use it. I'd love to get an update from you on your plane.
  7. You cannot fly it as a sport pilot. you are correct. He has a private rating. If/when he ever sells it he can simply put the ground adjustable prop back on the plane.
  8. Maybe I should have said "make the background transparent". The SCFLIER text and your pic will appear to float on the blue IPS background and you wouldn't have to worry about color matching anything because as you can see it doesn't quite match. If your happy........ Just offering my services to help.
  9. Just remove the background from your image, that will solve it.
  10. It has to do with the size of the graphic Dave has uploaded and what device you are viewing it on. It would look even better if he removed the background color and let the SCFLIER text and image float on the blue background. Then it would look perfect on any device or display size.
  11. That's right, I was talking with a friend who has a RV-12 but he is E-AB not E-LSA so he's allowed, I was confused. Thanks Duane.
  12. Just food for thought but another option to consider WHEN (NOT IF ) you convert to E-LSA is an in-flight adjustable prop. The Woodcomp SR3000N is worth looking into as well. You'll get the best of both worlds with lots of power during climb out and then trim for cruise and get better speeds. These are great props with many good reviews online and I've had contact with a guy in the UK who has one on his SportCruiser. It's electrically adjustable from the cockpit as it has it's own instrument in the panel.
  13. Thanks for addressing this Dave, the large logo is just that, LARGE. The smaller version is much better. I had it set on the "IPS" text so as not have the image take up my entire screen.
  14. I have a few projects I've started and want to wrap them up soon. Right now I need to get my flap controller completed. My new circuit board design will be here next week (finally after 3 revisions) and then I can assemble the controller and do some real world testing. Along with that is swapping out my non manual pull circuit breakers to what the new planes have so i can manually isolate any piece of electrical equipment in case of an issue. Now that I've dug deep into the electrical system with a lot of new avionics I want everything to be the best it can be. Then I'm installing an AOA and will tie it into the Dynon D-100 like it is designed for. Hello CSA, are you listening? I'm still researching ADS-B out solutions and have narrowed it down to a couple of options and I'm waiting on responses from those manufacturers. I have hardwired my Garmin GDL-39 3D (ADS-B in) into my system and it works wonderfully with the Aera 660. There are so many remote mount options now and they are getting smaller and less expensive everyday. When I did my new avionics stack I went ahead and added the wiring needed for most ADS-B boxes. Power, ground and the necessary RS-232 lines for communication between it the transponder and the GPS. I'm even adding it's own new circuit breaker when those arrive. Another project will be changing my nav/strobes to an all LED version. Right now my nav and position lights are LED but the strobes are still the old zenon style. I want to keep the system current draw to a minimum. Then who knows what.....