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Hi all, I'm Glenn.  I've got a 2010 PiperSport version of the Sport Cruiser I keep in central NJ.  Had it for a few years but for some reason only joining the forum now.

I've already solved a few minor squawks and have become pretty familiar with a lot of its components and systems.  Hopefully I can contribute to the group.

I posted a question today under the Rotax engine section - looking for information on the fuel check valve used on later models.  Any help would be apprciated.




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On 4/23/2024 at 11:49 AM, Velocity26 said:

In full disclosure, that picture was taken the day after moving into the hangar, the only things in the picture were the items I kept at my shade hangar and a couple of chairs that I had in the truck.  I have since added tables, shelving, refrigerator, toolbox, motorcycle and it is considerably messier!   My wife still keeps the airplane spotless, but the hangar is my problem.  

[Moving this to the intro folder since it's getting a bit off-topic from Rotax engines...]

Funny, I live about 7 miles from the airport, I've had the plane since 2019, and the wife has seen it exactly twice.  And both times were from the passenger seat of the car.  Safe to say she has NO interest in flying, although it is because of her I fly - she got me a groupon-discounted flying lesson 🤣.   I'm not complaining BTW, that just means the topic of flying is all mine!  In general though, it means I have to keep the plane clean myself, and I'm bad at that.

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