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The IPS Website SW Folks "Archived" a Forum Topic and "No Further Posts are Allowed" - One topic only - so far...

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I was notified by Shawn (thanks) that an old Topic from 2014,  related to Service Bulletin SB-CR-017 requiring replacing RIVETS with stronger BOLTS, 

has been "Archived" and "No Further Posts are Allowed".

I believe this to be a result of our new "Improved" Website SW required to be installed earlier in September.

I have requested details on this issue and will get the problem fixed.    I suspect that the new software is attempting to save memory allocation for all of our total SCFLIER Posts - perhaps a way to force us to upgrade to a more expensive monthly subscription charge for the SCFLIER Website support and maintenance.

I will post here any fixes or responses from our Website Folks.  It typically takes a few days for them to respond to Support Requests.







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Update on our Website SW folk’s plans to “Archive” And then impose a penalty preventing specific  backups if the Admin (me) “Un-Archives” said posts:


i pushed back hard on the plan from our website SW folks to start “Archiving” some of our older Posts, and then to Disallow any further posting to that topic. 

While I was able to “unarchive” this example Post discussed here on “bolts for rivets”, this step then added the “Penalty” which prevented the “recently archived and then Un-archived by the Admin (me)”  posts from being regularly backed up.    Not Good, but it got us going again. 

Without agreeing the problem was RESOLVED, I asked them (politely) how much they would charge On our monthly fee to continue doing regular backups on EVERYTHING in SCFLIER, including posts that I elected to “un-archive” after they arbitrarily “archived it” to save storage space.

After about a week of silence, this is their courteous, RECONSIDERED response from “Management” - some progress - a good thing...Fun Fun Fun...


Lindy Throgmartin(Invision Community) 

Sep 23, 2020, 12:24 AM EDT 

Hi Dave, 

I'm sorry for the inconvenience this has caused and the delay in response.

We've been trying to reconsider this internally.

In the next release, communities with less than 250k posts will be unarchived.

Further, even above that limit, you will be able to change the max cutoff to 12 years. 

I hope this helps and we hope to have that pushed out to you soon! 

Lindy Throgmartin
Management Team
Invision Power Services, Inc

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