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LightSport Man is happy to be here

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Hey Everyone,  My name is Johnathan Smith but I am in the news as LightSport Man (https://www.lightsportman.com/lightsport-man-story/).  I would like to say hello to everyone.. I am now working as a CFI going all my flying in a SC so I would love to network and talk with other pilots.  I am in Arizona but my main airport is Glendale (KGEU).

Also some good reading is:  The sky's the limit for pilot who overcame stuttering to fly

I would love it if everyone can please read my story and maybe following on the internet..  thanks and looking forward to meeting everyone..

Email: LightSportMan@Gmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lightsportman

Instagram: @LightSportMan

Twitter: https://twitter.com/lightsportman
Website: http://LightSportMan.com


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Welcome Johnathan and what an amazing story. A big congratulations to you. :D Looking forward to reading more about your CFI adventures.

Your "Light Sport Man" title is a play on Florida's very own "Light Sport Girl". Margaretta is in Orlando and her goal is to get more people involved in aviation by offering free discovery flights. She flies a 2009 SportCruiser. 


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WOW Jonathan!!!  First WELCOME to the forum and Congrats on all the big accomplishments.   I have a son 29 who has a moderate stuttering issue.  I'm going to get him into the headsets asap after watching your video.  Maybe he'll make all the calls as fluent as you!  If so, I'll make him my Communications Flight Officer!  😁

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Hi Johnathan. I’m happy you found this forum. There is no better source for SportCruiser information on the web. You’ll find more in-depth answers to a lot of things you and I have already discussed, and you’ll find answers to questions you may not have even thought of yet. Happy to see people like you here to help grow this wonderful resource. Talk with you soon!

- Josh Scheid

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