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  1. Yes the FAA medical for daytime VFR private pilots simply needs do go away. It’s a holdover from the 1950s that is largely designed to keep seats warm in Oklahoma City with folks adjudicating medical exams. BasicMed was supposed to be the “easing of restrictions” but didn’t go far enough. Just lengthens the exam frequency and who can sign it but the application is the same. The guy who sold me my first SportCruiser was a Cirrus pilot who was concerned about Med issues down the road. He was perfectly happy transitioning to the LSA. They are however completely different missions. I’m flying in a pretty inhospitable environment for LSAs but still managed over 120 hours last year. It works but it can be challenging.
  2. There are currently no 3rd gen nose leg kits available. CSA anticipates 3-6 months before they become available again.
  3. I just put a new Odyssey PC680 in mine. Seems to be popular amongst a lot of users here.
  4. Forum is an invaluable source of info and assistance, thanks for all you do.
  5. Really cool. My bucket list includes at some point getting to Page AZ for a week or so and checking out the desert SW. Probably not this year but maybe next. There are two mountain passes to get out of CO in that direction and the conditions would have to be ideal. Or it's a long trek into eastern NM and a southerly detour, which just means more flying time.
  6. There are portable plug ins for ADS-B in as you’re probably aware. Not ideal but thousands of pilots across the country are using them. Will save you some cash too. Unfortunately the GTX335 is the only approved solution. When you say “replaced the nose gear rivets” I assume you’re referring to adding the firewall stiffener kit? It’s good that was done as few shops anywhere are willing or able to do it. Recommend going to the CSA Technical Publications page and verifying any applicable SBs and SDs have traceability to your logbooks.
  7. Welcome, that's awesome. My 2010 plane has lots of logbook entries for the brakes as well. I've never liked the way it taxis. Another thing to get sorted.
  8. For the prices you’re looking at you are well in the territory of traditional certified GA aircraft that might better fit your mission...you can take your wife and baggage in a Piper Cherokee 180/Archer and not have to worry about weighing toothbrushes. If you can get an FAA medical you can avoid the idiosyncrasies of LSA. Just a thought.
  9. If it flies, floats or fornicates it's cheaper to rent. There is little "business" case to be made in ownership at 100 hrs per year which I plan to shoot for. But I did it anyway because, well it's worth it to me. You can't rent one here and even if you could the scheduling restrictions would get unpleasant, I just bought my 2010 PS so the previous guy did the nose leg debacles, SBs and agreed to reduce price for upcoming BRS repack and ADS-B and the annual was just done. I fully expect a surprise any day now. Add in hanger (biggest yearly expense), deposit for hanger, insurance, fuel, doo-dads for the hanger, my plane needs new carpet, tires in 75 hrs, iPad mini, Foreflight, Lightspeed Zulu 3s, fuel for the year, annuals, oil changes, logistics of repositioning the airplane for LSRM, I just stop counting. The annual expenses are about $10K per year...about $100/hr. They rent for about $125. And you have depreciating asset. Take what you think it costs and multiply by 1.5 and you're pretty close. But who cares...Fly and have fun. And hey, the hanger will serve a dual function as a man cave.
  10. That's a nice plane. So what if it needs some engine work or some SBs brought up to date? Determine what's needed and negotiate those costs against the sellers asking price. Sounds like they're already doing some things that are needed.
  11. Yep SA-SC-010 dated 12-20-2018 was done. Looks like they did it at the last 100hr. New W&B and a copy of the actual SB is in the airplanes W&B binder.
  12. Thanks I’ll review it again. I guess we can’t rely on licensed mechanics to ensure required items are accomplished and have to review ourselves. That’s highly unfortunate. Trust but verify I guess.
  13. That's true. None on my airfield unfortunately. The mechanics keep us flying. More technical than I could ever handle that's for sure.
  14. Welcome. I just did what you're about to do. Retired and bought a 2010 PiperSport. As for weights you need to look at the Payload Range Table in the weight and balance data for your particular serial number too. It will give you the max crew weight for all the different baggage and fuel configurations. The new SCs have heavier empty weights and less useful loads than the older models. The beauty of it is not having to contend with the FAA medical bureaucracy and the low operating costs. The big trade offs are the LSA restrictions and the winds and turbulence are more limiting than for the Cessna and Piper folks. If you can live with that they are a blast to fly. It's a good idea to make sure you have a good LSRM and Rotax maintenance nearby. Any A&P can fix a Cessna...but most have zero experience with LSAs. Blinding flash of the obvious but I would secure hanger space before getting too far down the road looking at airplanes. I did my pre-buy in conjunction with the annual/100 hr inspection, was due so seller paid that portion. I also recommend whoever does your inspection give you an estimate of projected costs of due outs over the next several years...parachute repack, rocket motor, 5 yr hose/rubber, ADS-B, ELT service, etc. Remember that airplanes are a bit like exotic cars...expect surprises and budget accordingly.
  15. Hi folks, new here. I'm a low time PP and haven't flown in years but thinking of getting back in the game. I'm in Colorado Springs, home of Density Altitude and Wind Shear here at 6,300ft. Too many medical issues to unpack from military career and don't want to risk asking. Basic med not an option my last med cert is prior to '06. If not for all that I would find an old jalopy 172. But here I am...Iove the look of the SC and Sling 2 but have never seen a used Sling so really liking the idea of the CRUZ. Will be asking some questions on the boards on best way to "transition" and any quirks to look out for. Going up to Greeley soon to take a flight in a 2010 Piper Sport.
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