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New member from Salt Lake City

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Hello, I just took possession of a brand new SportCruiser (S-LSA) last week. I'm training for my sport pilot cert and having an absolute blast. I just turned 50 and this has been the culmination of a life-long dream. I started flying in my 20s (172s and Cherokees) but ran out of money and never completed my PPL. It's taken a long time to get to the point in life where now I have the financial resources to do this. I've flown other LSAs (Tecnam, Sling LSA, RV-12) but absolutely fell in love with the SC.

The Salt Lake City metro area has a good infrastructure for this aircraft. I bought mine from the authorized dealer who is based at KBTF and owns a large flight school which maintains a fleet of SCs. I'll be using the services of the flight school's outstanding A&P in the short term and perhaps will transition to E-LSA and learn to do more on my own in the future.

My aircraft is perfect for its mission: flying leisurely around the Great Salt Lake which is a little tricky with the KSLC bravo and nearby military operations. The plane's got all the bells and whistles, BRS included. However this comes at a cost of an empty weight of 900lbs. This makes training sessions limited to about 1.5 hours. The low useful load is an issue for training, but as soon as I get certified for solo flight, my limiting factor will be my bladder.

Anyway, I'm thrilled to have found this site. The collective knowledge of this community will be invaluable and hopefully I can get to the point where I can be a productive contributor.

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WELCOME to the SCFLIER SportCruiser forum !

Jump on in !   The water is fine !

Participating offers lots of opportunities to LEARN about the Awesome SportCruiser LSA and our incredible Rotax engines !

This forum includes an open, welcoming crowd where everyone RESPECTS each Member’s Opinions,  even when they may disagree on a few details !

Have FUN flying your SportCruiser  !


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Welcome to the forum Dale. This is a great bunch of people with a lot of collective knowledge on everything SportCruiser.


6 hours ago, DavePilot said:

Jump on in !   The water is fine !

Well Dave, the Gulf is like a hot tub right now around Florida so if that's ok for Dale then yes jump on in. :D

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18 minutes ago, Dale Troutlip said:

It kills me to keep her on a tie-down, but my arrangement for hanger space fell through and availability in this area is scarce to say the least. I was going to apply some graphics, but I think I'll keep her as is. It really is among the most beautiful looking aircraft around.


This year at Oshkosh I found a similar class plane that imho looks better than SportCruiser - Tucano replica.

It is a kit plane with Rotax 915is and I am now seriously considering getting their quick build kit …


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12 hours ago, Dale Troutlip said:

It really is among the most beautiful looking aircraft around.


thanks for sharing the great pic of your elegant,  awesome looking SportCruiser !

looks great !

the lack of hangar space seems to be a theme at every GA Airport in the USA.     Will your airport provide “25 year” low $ land lease space to build your own hangar ?  This  might  be the only way to get a suitable hangar available before the winter ?

Enjoy the airplane !



PS - is that red device on the rudder a control lock ?? Do you use a ladder to remove it before flight ???

PPSS - got any pics you could share of the interior and avionics ?  I’ve never seen a 2023 Model SportCruiser in person…







Glad to see that the Czechs are building the 2023 S-LSA SportCruisers with the always open lower engine cowl flap !  

That simple change to the lower engine cowling really reduces the HOT temperatures inside the CRUZ engine compartment !




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4 hours ago, Warmi said:

This year at Oshkosh I found a similar class plane that imho looks better than SportCruiser - Tucano replica.

I saw the Tucano replica at Sebring back in 2016 or 2017 and then again in Deland in 2021 if I remember correctly. The SportCruiser is still better looking but then again I'm a bit biased towards the SportCruiser.


Thanks for the pic Dale, she's a blank canvas waiting for some cool graphics. All aircraft should come that way so you can add your own graphics and change them when you get bored. :D Not to mention, vinyl graphics weigh less than paint.

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